Zeus is the perfect mask for diving.

This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular Nano-mask patent.

The same IDF-INTEGRATED DUAL FRAME TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM allows you to join the silicone
skirt to the lens frame without major interruptions of the curvature continuity.

The result is a mask with an extremely hydrodynamic shape and, visibility being equal, a significantly smaller size.

The field of view obtained is particularly wide, laterally and in the lower zone.
Thanks to its matte coating the mask’s components all match, enhancing the underwater experience since it prevents reflections in the water that may disturb marine life.
The new micrometric adjustable buckles with a larger button allow a more easily regulation also wearing dive gloves.
The new strap is made of two different silicone colors.




FOG STOP system. A thin silicone membrane around the nose acts as a deflector, so that the warm air coming from the nose, when compensating for external pressure, is not concentrated directly onto the lenses, thus reducing the tendency to fog that is commonly found in small volume masks. This membrane also has the function of stabilizing the mask on the face, which remains firmly secured, regardless of the possible movements of the face or the effect of pressure variations.

Technical features:

- Inclined lenses according to the Big Eyes system

- 100% folding and tilting buckles anchored to the frame

- Available in black and Crystal silicone

- Weight: 125 g


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Buckles anchored in the frame, for an optimal stability of the mask and the adjustment is always determined by the user. They are completely articulated and tiltable in every way, so the possibility of breakage is almost impossible....
The construction system allows the assembly without the need of paste, and reduces to the absolutely minimum the thickness improving also the internal volume, the visibility and the adaptation of the mask. U.S PAT.6272693 B1...
Tilted lenses (Big EYE model) increase lower and lateral visibility.
Sliding buckle that fixes the ends of the strip.
CRESSI FOG STOP SYSTEM New Patent Pending. A patented membrane surrounding the inner nose pocket which acts as a barrier and traps any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose involuntarily...